Developer for accessible digital tools and websites.


Information accessible for everyone.

As beautiful and minimalist as many websites may appear, they often come with baggage: they are slow, not accessible and come with tracking mechanisms that pass on data to third parties. People with disabilities are usually completely excluded and have no way to access information.

My goal is primarily to make websites and web applications fast, accessible and sustainable. They should be cost-effective and yet sustainable.

Expertise & Practice Areas

It's all HTML, CSS and JavaScript


First and foremost, website visitors want to access information quickly and easily. Website operators should be able to update content easily and independently. I implement supplied design concepts - if requested, I can recommend and add talented designers to the team - and integrate them into the appropriate content management system.

Front-end for web applications

For teams with backend developers, I can take over the work on the frontend/user interface. I bring the necessary expertise across different browser environments and can incorporate user interfaces with a progressive enhancement approach into existing server-side architectures or implement solutions in the form of single-page applications, server-side rendered or a mix between static and dynamic architecture using serverless functions.

Web accessibility support and workshops

Developing accessible solutions does not require a lot of experience, but it does require a certain mindset. I can provide beginners as well as experienced developers with the basic knowledge needed to create accessible web interfaces. As workshops, occasional supervision or regular coaching, together we make everyone comfortable with necessary techniques and build a routine around it.

Component libraries to design systems

For support across multiple development teams and platforms, I can implement supplied design concepts as component libraries or advanced design systems. The resulting documentation with all UI components can then be built into different applications by development teams, regardless of the web technology used.


Design and development for the web, since 2003.

I developed and published my first website at the age of 13 and later completed my apprenticeship as a computer scientist with a federal certificate. In the same period, I co-founded the company whatwedo, which I left in 2016 to broaden my horizon on the topic of accessibility.

At the end of 2020, I decided to return to self-employment to do what I have always loved most: creating good websites for good people.

In all these years I developed websites for friends, for small local businesses, for big companies like Jaguar Switzerland, Swiss Federal Railways and the Swiss government, for educational institutions, for banks, for politicians and NGOs.

For some employers I have been in the role of UI and interaction designer, designing web, Android and iOS applications. For most, however, I implemented the user interfaces (frontend) of websites and web apps.

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If my vision of a fast, sustainable and accessible web resonates with you, contact me for more information or send me your project request. · LinkedIn