Developer for accessible digital tools and websites. I focus on removing barriers for both, users and content creators. Solutions that are modular, robust and foster your autonomy; that last and set you free.


Information accessible for everyone.

There's a common standard around the web nowadays: In one hand we have modern, beautiful and minimalistic experiences. In the other hand, slow, inaccessible and privacy violating solutions. It's annoying for users, and it's unusable for disabled people.

Together with you and your team, with your or my design partners, we ensure that the content of your website or the data in your web application can be served in a performant, accessible way and that this lasts for as long as possible.

Expertise & Practice Areas

Code. Test. Ship. Teach.


Your users want a fast and accessible website. And you should have an easy time updating the website's content without help. That's where we're going together. And in case you don't have a web design partner yet – my heart remains in development – I'm happy to recommend experts from my network.

Front-end for web applications

You do what you are best at and I do what I'm best at: You and your team develop the back-end while I develop the front-end. You deal with the security of the platform and I handle all the nasty browser incompatibility problems. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Support for web accessibility

If you already have your sports team of programmers, then I can get them up and running to improve the accessibility of your platform: By showing them the basics and be available for coaching, they are enabled to deal with accessibility issues in the future.

Component libraries for design systems

If you own a big or multiple platforms and websites with the same design foundation, I can make this easier for your developers by creating an independent component library that can be used across developer teams and frameworks. The framework agnostic code comes with a documentation and interactive lab. Now everyone can use the same consistent foundation e.g. for buttons, typography, branding and so on.


Design and development for the web, since 2003.

To be fair: In 2003 I was 13 years old. The results of my work were probably far from business ready. However, people needed websites and I could increase my pocket money. After the computer science boom of the early 2000 was over, I finally made my degree between 2008 and 2012. In the same time I co-founded whatwedo, which I left late 2016 to focus on extending my knowledge around accessibility through other companies.

Late 2020 I came back to do what I always loved to do: create good websites for good people.

Through all these years, I developed websites and designed applications for friends, for small local businesses, for big companies like Jaguar Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Railways and the Swiss Government, for educational institutions, for banks, for politicians, for NGOs and eventually, one for myself.

For a couple of employers, I acted in the role as UI and Interaction Designer and designed web, Android and iOS applications. But, most of the time, I developed the front-end side of websites and web applications, which is my focus today.

One thing they all said they appreciated about me: They enjoyed my pragmatism and that they liked my no-bullshit approach.

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